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Oriane Armand, M.Sc.

Oriane Armand, M.Sc.

PhD Student, Research Assistant

Research Topics

Metacognition, value-based choice, goal directed behaviour, executive control, extended cognition.

Short Biography

Oriane Armand graduated with Bachelors in Biology (2014) after studying at Paris XI University and Imperial College London. After studying the MSc. of Neuroscience at Paris XI, she graduated from the MSc. in Advanced Neuroimaging (2016) at UCL under the supervision of Dr. S.M. Fleming. Together they investigated on the relationship between motor action and metacognitive ability. As research assistant at the School of Advanced Study UoL, she focussed her research on the workings of metacognition in cross modal perception and in value-based choice tasks. Oriane is now a PhD student at LMU's Graduate School of Systemic Neuroscience working on the role of metacognition in value-based choices.

Current Projects

Oriane is investigating on the computation of metacognition in complex value-based decision tasks. Her current research particularly focuses on the use of confidence levels across value domains and in presence of discounting factors.


Further Information

Recent talks

06/2017. “Confidence in value judgement: correctness or popularity?” (Poster), Human Mind Conference, University of Cambridge