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Anna Strasser, Ph.D.

Anna Strasser, Ph.D.

Associate Researcher


After postdoctoral positions in Freiburg (2004-07) and Berlin (Berlin School of Mind and Brain, 2009-16), and a visiting fellowship at Tufts University, USA with Daniel Dennett (2018) I founded the DenkWerkstatt Berlin and work now as an independent, freelance philosopher in Berlin. My research lies at the intersection of philosophy, psychology, and AI. In particular, I focus on topics concerning social cognition. Currently, I am primarily interested in the question of how a philosophical framework can capture the varieties of phenomena in social cognition. To this end I question whether standard notions might be too restrictive and examine to what extent so-called minimal approaches can contribute to a solution. In addition, I investigate to what extent artificial systems may qualify as a new type of social agents.

Research Interests

Social Cognition, Minimal Notions, A.I.

Current Projects

  • '50 Shades of Social Cognition' – Paper
  • 'Künstliche Intelligenz. Die große Verheißung' – Editorship of an Anthology
  • 'Artificial Systems as a New Type of Social Agents' – Papers & Talks

Recent Publications

  • Anna Strasser (in press). From tools to social agents. Rivista Italiana di Filosofia del Linguaggio.
  • Anna Strasser (2020). In-between implicit and explicit. Philosophical Psychology, 33 (7), 946–967,
  • Anna Strasser (2018). Minimal Mindreading and Animal Cognition. Grazer Philosophische Studien, 95(4), 541–565,
  • Anna Strasser (2018). Social Cognition and Artificial Agents. In: Müller, Vincent (ed.) Philosophy and Theory of Artificial Intelligence 2017. PT-AI 2017. Studies in Applied Philosophy, Epistemology and Rational Ethics, 44, 106-114, Cham,

Recent Talks

  • 2020 Nov: 'Roboter und andere künstliche Agenten in unserer sozialen Welt', Philosophiekreis Eberswalde.
  • 2020 Sep: 'In-beteen implicit and explicit', CVBe (Cognition, Values, Behaviour) Lab Meetings, LMU-Munich.
  • 2020 August: 'Coexisting with artificial agents in the realm of social cognition', ECAP10. Online Conference.
  • 2020 August: 'Social norms for artificial systems. Robophilosophy', Online Conference.
  • 2020 July: 'Social norms regulating our interactions with artificial agents', Social Ontology. Online Conference.
  • 2019 July: 'Beware of Dichotomous Distinctions About Cognition', Academic Philosophers, Berlin.
  • 2019 June: 'Do human anticipation abilities have a special feature', Anticipation and Anticipatory Systems: Humans Meet Artificial Intelligence, Örebro.
  • 2019 April: 'From tools to social agents', AISE, Falmouth.
  • 2019 Feb: 'Daniel C. Dennett beim Denken beobachten', MoMo Berliner Philosophischer Arbeitskreis.