Cognition, Value and Behavior

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Summer Term 2021


  • Deroy, O. & Battich, L., 'Neurophilosophy'

Advanced Seminars/Essay Courses

  • Fairhurst-Menuhin, M., ONLINE - 'Music and the mind: Perception, performance and evaluation'
  • Karpus, J., ONLINE - 'Rational agents in social interaction: introduction to the philosophy and psychology of rational choice and game theory'
  • Loev, W., ONLINE - 'Epistemologie der Emotionen'
  • Sulik, J., ONLINE - 'Theory and practice in digital experiments: Doing X-Philosophy online'

B.A./M.A./Ph.D. Colloquium

  • Deroy, O., 'Preparation of the Master Thesis'
  • Loev, W., ONLINE - 'Minds and Methods Finalist Seminar'
  • Loev, W., ONLINE - 'CVBE Lab Meeting/Chair Research Colloquium


  • Fairhurst-Menuhin, M., ONLINE - 'Exercise Unit Musical Perception: Introduction to empirical methods'