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Workshop in July 2019

Moral Psychology Resarch Network: Workshop on Empathy, July 22, 2019

The Workshop is funded by the Cambridge/LMU Strategic Partnership Programme, with a keynote by
Rae Langton (Philosophy, Cambridge) entitled "Empathy and First Personal Imagining".

The keynote is jointly organised with the Center for Advanced Studies. The workshop is by invitation only but the keynote is public (sign-up is required and possible here).

Moral Psychology Research Network: Workshop on Moral Responsibility, 16 & 17 December, with keynotes by

  • Mario Decaro (Philosophy, Roma)
  • Richard Holton (Philosophy, Cambridge)
  • Paulina Sliwa (Philosophy, Cambridge)
  • Friederike Beyer (Psychology, London)

The workshop is funded by the Center for Advanced Studies and the Cambridge/LMU Strategic Partnership Programme. Attendance is by invitation only. Further details tbc.